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Wendy de Koning
Wendy de Koning
Super blij met het resultaat. Ik had nooit gedacht dat ik ook zulke mooie wenkbrauwen kon hebben! Behandeling verliep super, Kim neemt veel tijd om verwachtingen te bespreken en tussentijds te checken hoe het eindresultaat moet worden. Elke keer als ik nu in de spiegel kijk ben ik blij verrast!
Kristina Zdravkovska
Kristina Zdravkovska
Kim is a magician! She transformed my brows in the exact way that I wanted! They look so natural and full, I love them! The studio is clean, and lovely music was playing during the treatment 🙂 This is my studio to go to from now on for my brows. I highly recommend Kim's studio! You will not be disappointed!
Roxie Betts
Roxie Betts
Kim is the most incredible artist! Her skills in permanent makeup are undeniable. Her work is flawless. You won't be disappointed!!
Naomi Martín Hillen
Naomi Martín Hillen
My second retouch-appointment was on the 4th of December 2020. It seems to me, because of my experience, that Kim takes her job very seriously. I was very impressed by her attention to detail. She sent me a kit for testing allergies with her ink beforehand. She did a wonderful job when I came for the consult, she was very kind, made me feel heard, took whatever remarks I had very seriously and took the time to create the brows the way I wanted them. She explained the whole process very thoroughly so I knew what to expect before each step. I was planning on going back within a year to retouch them, as she said I should expect them to last 8-12 months. After 2+ years they are still looking amazing and I still get compliments and remarks about them. Only when I do very heavy makeup do I ever feel the need to do anything to them. Kim did a fantastic job and I would recommend her to anybody! Photo is my brows now, 25-02-2023!
Giorgia Ozzano
Giorgia Ozzano
Kim is an amazing artist! I’m very happy with the result!
Anette ten Berge
Anette ten Berge
Very happy with this salon! It’s clean and very professional. Kim helped me and she took the time to explain everything before she started. She did the hyperrealism brows on me and the result is amazing!
Dirk en Marjolein
Dirk en Marjolein
Very happy with my new eyebrows!! Kim is very professional and a real artist!!


permanente make up


Fine line eyebrow tattoo which is semi-permanent.  The finished result is almost indistinguishable from your real eyebrow.

  • Very natural effect.
  • Suitable for those who don’t often wear eyebrow make-up
  • Great for enhancing your existing eyebrow
  • Perfect for dry to normal skin
  • Less suitable for oily skin
  • Recommended for Alopecia
  • Lasts 1-2 years depending on skin type and lifestyle
  • Cost = €580 including touch up


Permanente make up


A soft make up effect that provides a distinctive full shape without any visible gaps .  Fades from the skin evenly and easy to keep touched up.

  • Soft makeup effect
  • Suitable for those like to wear brow makeup
  • Better for oily skin
  • Can be bold or barely there
  • Will fade from the skin evenly
  • Lasts 1-2 years depending on skin type and lifestyle
  • Cost = €450 including touch up


Machine Hairstrokes


Application of a translucent wash of pigment to enhance your natural lip colour and shape.

  • Can make your lips appear larger and more symmetrical
  • Especially effective in clients with lip filler and those who have lost some pigmentation
  • This service does not create a lipstick effect
  • Lasts 1-3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle
  • Cost = €550 including touch up


Shadow eyeliner amsterdam


Whether you’re after a subtle lash enhancement , a latino liner (liquid liner effect), or a Smokey Liner, we offer an eyeliner solution to compliment all eye shapes and personal styles.

  • Becoming some of the most in demand transformations in the industry
  • Subtle lash enhancement (lash line only – our favourite)
  • Latino liner (liquid liner effect)
  • Smokey Liner
  • Lasts permanently
  • Cost = €550 including touch up


Kim Loy Studios

We provide premium cosmetic tattoo treatments which deliver long lasting natural looking results. The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority and we aim to deliver this satisfaction with integrity.

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