Starting a business in the permanent makeup (PMU) industry requires more than just skillful artistry and premium service offerings. Your business acumen, particularly in marketing strategies, can make all the difference between a struggling startup and a thriving enterprise. As a PMU business owner who witnessed my venture soar to success four years ago, I attribute the remarkable growth to a pivotal marketing strategy: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is the silent workhorse of digital marketing. It’s the art of placing your website at the forefront of search engines for relevant queries. My experience is a testament to its power. Within six weeks of launching and implementing SEO, my PMU business ranked at the top on Google for ‘Microblading Amsterdam’—a keyword with 700 monthly searches. This strategic move provided a consistent influx of customers without the recurring costs of ads or the constant grind of social media posting.

But why should SEO be your marketing tool of choice in the PMU industry? Many overlook SEO due to a lack of understanding or misconceptions about its complexity. Yet, it’s a game-changer for three key reasons:

  1. Underutilized Advantage: SEO is often neglected in the PMU industry, providing a prime opportunity for you to get ahead of the competition.

  2. Superior to Paid Advertising: Unlike paid ads, which cease to yield results once you stop funding them, SEO delivers long-term, cost-effective visibility.

  3. Sustainable Traffic: When done correctly, SEO garners a continuous stream of organic traffic to your website.

Let’s delve deeper into understanding SEO. In essence, SEO is about enhancing both the volume and quality of traffic to your website through unpaid, or ‘organic’, search results. In my case, client acquisition through SEO accounted for 40% of my business, demonstrating its efficacy compared to other channels like Instagram (35%) and word of mouth (25%).

Embarking on Your SEO Journey

The first step in leveraging SEO is to understand and identify the right keywords. Keywords are the terms and phrases that potential clients use when searching for services online. For PMU services, you want to target specific keywords like “Permanent Makeup,” “Hyperrealism Brows,” or “Lip Blush.” Localizing these keywords can further reduce competition, making your business more visible to a targeted audience.

Utilize keyword research tools such as Keywords Everywhere, Ubersuggest, or Moz to uncover terms with substantial search volumes and manageable competition. Start with a selection of 3-5 keywords closely related to your services, and integrate them into your website content strategically.

Taking the First SEO Step

Once your keywords are in place, the next move is to embed them seamlessly into your website. This integration is crucial for signaling to search engines what your website is about and ensuring it shows up in relevant searches.

In my Online Training Program, I guide students through these steps in detail, ensuring they grasp the nuances of building an SEO-optimized website. The next lesson is dedicated to this very subject. If you’re eager to scale your PMU business to $10,000 monthly revenue or more, joining a select group of students under my wing could be your next significant step.

The Time Is Now

Are you ready to harness the power of SEO to elevate your PMU business? If so, BOOK A CALL with me. Let’s dive into your business specifics, ambitions, and how my program can align with your growth trajectory.

Your journey towards a flourishing PMU business begins with understanding and leveraging the tools that can propel you to the top. SEO is one such tool—a blend of science and art—that, when mastered, can lead your business to unprecedented heights.

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