Powder Brows, also known as Ombre Brows, is a permanent makeup technique that creates a soft powdery makeup effect. Our highly skilled technicians use the latest techniques to create customised, long-lasting brows that enhance your natural features.

Our treatment is perfect for those with sparse or over-plucked eyebrows, or for those who simply want to remove the need for applying brow makeup each day.


Powder Brows €450 – Includes 6-10 week touch up.

Additional touch up €80 – Up to 6 months.  If a 3rd touch up is required due to difficult skin type.

12-24 month touch up €275 – Appropriate if the brows have faded by 50%.

25-36 month touch up €350 – Appropriate if the brows have faded by 80%


This treatment is suitable for all ages and all skin types, for anyone who desires a soft makeup effect.

This treatment is perfomed by both Kim and Roxie.  Please make your booking via the link below.


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Powder Brows Amsterdam
Permanente Makeup Amsterdam
Permanente Makeup Amsterdam
Permanente Makeup Amsterdam
Permanente Makeup Amsterdam
Permanente Makeup Amsterdam

More about Powder Brows in Amsterdam

Filling in your brows can be one of the most frustrating parts of a daily makeup routine. This process can be time-consuming and require lots of practice in order to create brows that look their best and stay put all day. It is common for eyebrows to shift and smudge throughout a busy work or school day and the effort required to keep them looking their best can be discouraging.

There are a variety of permanent makeup procedures that can help alleviate this problem. For example the hyperrealisic brow treatment can create beautiful-looking brows that are full and fluffy.

The Powder brow treatment is another type of permanent cosmetic procedure that can help give you soft makeup effect brows without the headache of having to fill in your brows with a pencil every morning.

What Is The Technique Of Powder Brows in Amsterdam?

This treatment uses a small electric needle in order to deliver pigment into the skin of the eyebrow region. This specific technique delivers the color through tiny dots in order to create a soft powdery effect.

This method allows for a softer appearance than is usually seen with treatments such as microblading. Powder brows are also often referred to as ombre brows due to the gradual distribution of colour allowing the brows to transition from lighter to darker tones throughout the eyebrow. This gradual transition of color appears more natural and gives a gorgeous definition to the brows. This treatment can build up the pigment in order to create a brow shading that suits the personal taste of each client.

How Are Powder Brows Different From Hyperrealism Brows And Microblading?

As mentioned above briefly, powder brows create a softer look than microblading however they are less precise than the brows that are created with the Hyperrealism brow treatment.

Microblading uses a small blade to make tiny cuts in the skin to distribute pigment throughout the brow region. This allows for a defined brow, however it can be very traumatic to the skin.  Powder brows look more softer and causes minimal trauma.

Hyperrealism brows will still have the most natural look due to their special machine application and unique techniques, however, powder brows still create a beautiful full brow appearance.

While the Hyperrealism brow treatment is not meant to solely replace the use of traditional makeup, the powder brow treatment is often administered in order to minimize or eliminate the need to fill in eyebrows during a daily makeup routine.

Who Should Consider Getting Powder Brows?

While the Hyperrealism brow treatment is great for those that lack eyebrow hair due to health concerns or other treatments, powder brows are great for those that are looking to define their brows in a fuller, soft makeup style.

Powder brows are long-lasting and can help to minimize or reduce the time needed to fill them in every single day.  If you hate the tedious nature of filling in your brows every day, consider a powder brow treatment in order to streamline your beauty routine and feel confident every day. These procedures can help save time whilst bolstering your inner confidence and beauty.

How To Properly Care For Powder Brows?

Powder brows take approximately 10-14 days to heal and should be kept clean and dry during this process in order to minimise any irritation and expedite the healing process. The full healing process may extend to up to 4 weeks. It is possible that some skin irritation and redness may occur after the powder brow procedure. 

This procedure is not very invasive and can offer beautiful brows that are long-lasting and soft in appearance. Permanent brow treatments such as powder brows can last up to 2 years before needing to be reapplied depending on skin type. The longevity of these treatments differs for each client depending on lifestyle factors and proper aftercare practices.

Environmental stressors such as sun exposure can impact the lifetime of these procedures, so it is very important to wear SPF and properly manage time in the sun. Regular moisturising and proper skincare routines can also help increase the longevity of permanent cosmetics such as powder brows. If you are looking to attain full, defined brows, consider receiving a powder brow treatment in order to elevate your appearance. This cosmetic procedure can reduce the stress associated with morning beauty routines while boosting your self-confidence.

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