Permanent eyeliner tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, and this style of tattoo can be uniquely customized for each client. Permanent eyeliner tattoos are designed to accentuate the eye similar to traditional eyeliner makeup. However, permanent eyeliner tattoos are long-lasting and do not require a continuous application or tedious touch-ups.


Smokey Liner  €550 – A smokey finish to eyeliner, more like pencil effect than wet liquid liner, fading outwards.

Latino Liner €550 – Eyeliner with a slight flick, price varies due to length and thickness.

Baby Liner €355 – Subtle liner to add depth to the lash line to frame the eyes.

Colour Boost €300 – Up to 24 month boost.

Colour Boost €350 – 24-48 month boost.

For Liner you must discontinue Lash Serum 2+ months prior to your treatment and discontinue until after your top up is completed. Profesionally remove any false lashes – any false lashes still present may get knocked off when cleaning the area.

Roxie will be your Permanent Eyeliner Artist.  You can find out more about Roxie HERE.

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More about Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent makeup is a wonderful way to streamline your beauty routine and ensure that you are always looking your finest. The most common types of permanent makeup are eyeliner tattoos, permanent lip blush, and the tattooing of eyebrows. These cosmetic tattoos are long-lasting and help reduce the need to apply traditional makeup. These procedures can help you to feel confident and beautiful at every moment of your busy life.

Out of the plethora of other makeup products, traditional eyeliner is notorious for being difficult to apply and can be prone to smudging or smearing depending on the quality and type of the eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner tattoos eliminate these common problems, and you can rest assured that your makeup will look flawless regardless of your busy and potentially unpredictable life.

How Long Will It Last?

Permanent eyeliner tattoos can last from around 2 to 5 years after application before beginning to show the first signs of fading.

Cosmetic tattoos are usually referred to as permanent makeup rather than semipermanent as while the pigment fades with time, there is always a possibility for some pigment to remain within the skin. Most people will need to go in to get their permanent eyeliner retouched after they notice the first signs of pigmentation fading. 

How Often Will It Need Touching Up?

The time frame between reapplications differs between each unique client as the fading rate of the cosmetic tattoos varies depending on lifestyle factors such as UV exposure and weather conditions.  

The reapplication period is usually longer than other types of permanent cosmetic makeup applications such as lip blushing. This is most likely due to the difference in muscle movement within the various parts of the face. The eye region usually does not see as much active wear as the lips do which results in greater longevity of permanent cosmetic pigmentation.

How Is Permanent Eyeliner Applied To The Face And How Painful Is The Process?

Cosmetic tattoos can seem overwhelming at first but learning the procedure details can help minimise any anxiety you may feel regarding the process.

Eyeliner tattoos are applied in the typical tattoo fashion; however, they utilise very fine needles to distribute the pigmentation of your choice across the specific eye region designated within the design.

There are various types or styles of permanent eyeliner such as shadow eyeliner, lash liner (baby liner), and liquid liner.

Shadow liner is most commonly defined as the tattooing of a more subtle permanent liner along the lash line with a subtle application of shadow pigmentation around that line to mimic very subtle eye shadow. This style of liner utilises a more gradient application of pigment to emphasise the eye shape without adding a dramatic line to the eye. This style of permanent eyeliner can feature a subtle wing in pigmentation at the corner of the eye to add dimension and structure to your specific eye shape.

Liquid liner styles usually appear more defined in the pigmentation around the lash line. This is a more dramatic permanent eyeliner style that most closely mimics traditional liquid eyeliner cosmetics. The pigmentation of this style can be much bolder than the other styles of permanent eyeliner, however, the thickness of the line can differ depending on the client’s specific tastes. You as the client can also determine whether you would like to add a specific winged design to your liquid liner style to emphasise your eye shape.

The style referred to as lash liner (baby liner) is usually thought to be the most subtle of the permanent eyeliner styles and places ink only between the lash line of the eye. This style avoids the use of extremely defined lines and just places pigment between the lash line of the eye to naturally emphasise your natural eye shape. This style of permanent eyeliner does a great job of making your specific eye color pop without appearing too bold or dramatic.

The concept of receiving a tattoo around your eye region can seem stressful to many people. And while the tattooing process does rely on distributing pigment around the eye with the use of an extremely fine needle, the pain is often described as more annoying than it is painful. Most professionals will utilise topical numbing creams before application to minimise any pain throughout the procedure. Following the procedure, typical pain reducers can be taken to manage any additional pain or swelling. As with other permanent cosmetic tattoos, the application of permanent eyeliner is quite quick and only takes about 60 to 90 minutes depending on the style choice.  

The Potential Benefits Of Getting Permanent Eyeliner

This form of permanent makeup is quite long-lasting and can save enormous time and energy when it comes to the process of getting ready. If you are looking to save time and energy throughout your beauty and makeup routine, permanent makeup such as eyeliner tattoos can greatly streamline your process. This procedure is perfect for those that want to look and feel their best at all points of their day. If you have any skin sensitivities or eye-related health concerns, make sure to consult with your doctor before receiving permanent eyeliner tattoos. 

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