At Kim Loy Studios (formerly Microblading Amsterdam) We no longer offer the treatment ‘Microblading’ due to the significant and irreversible trauma this treatment can cause to the skin.

This page will provide you with information on the details of Microblading, why artist Kim Loy has decided to discontinue the service, and what the new, all round better and safer alternative treatments are.


What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of Permanent Makeup to fill out the eyebrows eliminating the need for eyebrow makeup.

The process of application is with the use of a hand held tool, which is essentially a tiny blade.

This blade is dipped in pigment and then scored through the skin to create paper like cuts, leaving a trail of pigment in the skin which mimics a single hair. Hundreds of these cuts are made across the brow during a Microblading Amsterdam treatment to fill the brows completely.

Why I’ve Stopped Microblading?

The below content is from my personal experience and professional opinion and is not a judgment on any other artists who still offer the Microblading treatment. These are my personal discoveries and subsequent choices. I understand that other PMU artist may have a different experience and opinion on the treatment.

Formerly Microblading Amsterdam

I performed the Microblading treatment from Jan 2020 to Jun 2021 when my business was still called Microblading Amsterdam. During this time, I came across several issues, which concluded in my decision to stop offering this treatment during the summer of 2021. These issues were:

1. Scarring

The number one problem I saw too many times was when another technician, most likely through lack of experience, had cut too deep in the skin resulting in irreversible scarring. These scars are often deep red or purple in colour and cannot be covered easily with other permanent makeup methods. This is the worst-case scenario, and sadly, it’s not rare.

Microblading Amsterdam

2. The Treatment Can’t Be Don’t Multiple Times.

Even if the Microblading is performed correctly, i.e. with a very light touch, I came to realise that the treatment can still only be performed once, maybe twice in a client’s life-time. It stands to reason that if you continually cut the same area of skin over many years, regardless of how lightly you cut it, the skin will eventually form scar tissue. Because of this at Microblading Amsterdam I would not perform Microblading on my clients more than twice, and that includes the touch up.

3. It’s Not Suitable For Everyone

Microblading is only possible on young, healthy, normal to dry skin. Anything outside of this is problematic: mature, thin, oily, sensitive are all skin types which cannot tolerate the trauma of Microblading.

 4. It’s Painful

It can be very painful. Cutting the skin is a painful process.

 5. Healing Process Can Be Difficult

The healing process can be severe if the cuts are too deep, thick scabs will occur.

 6. The Strokes Can Blur

The nature of Microblading is to position the strokes very close together to give a dense looking eyebrow. Over time these strokes tend to blur and spread into each other giving more of a Powder Brows look, rather than a hairstroke effect.  This was my experience of clients at Microblading Amsterdam.

 7. Longevity

Due to the nature of cutting the skin, the pigment is deposited much deeper in the skin than other treatments which use an electronic machine. Because of this, the now blurred pigment remains in the skin for many years, which isn’t a good thing if you wish to keep your hairstroke pattern looking sharp. It is not possible to do hairstrokes over the top of old visible pigment.

 8. Creativity Is Limited

The hairstroke patterns of Microblading are very restrictive creatively as we cannot touch or cross the strokes as it causes high trauma to the skin resulting in pigment Migration.


What’s The Alternative?


Upon my dissatisfaction with Microblading I began searching for a better alternative that would give my clients the natural looking hairstroke brows they desired, without damaging their skin. That’s when I came across the HYPERREALISM technique, which, at the time, was starting to make waves in Russia and Estonia.

Hyperrealism technique is like painting a picture of an eyebrow on the skin with the use of an electric tattoo needle. It’s much gentler on the skin, it does not cause scarring, it’s safe to have the treatment multiple times and the results are stunningly realistic.

At the time of discovering this technique there were only a handful of artists globally who were able to execute this technique with skill. I was determined to become one of them. Currently I’m the only artist in Amsterdam offering the Hyperrealism technique. It’s highly specialised and suitable for all skin types. It’s especially effective for those who suffer from Alopecia, or are suffering with hair loss due to chemotherapy.  This is the reason why in 2023 I rebranded the business from Microblading Amsterdam to Kim Loy Studios.

Interested to find out more about this NEW treatment?

You can read more about the Hyperrealism treatment we offer at Kim Loy Studios below.

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