Lip Blush Amsterdam | Looking to enhance and add color to your natural lips? Consider getting a permanent lip blush in Kim Loy Studios Amsterdam! This procedure involves lining and filling your lips with pigment, resulting in fuller-looking and more vibrant lips. With lip blush, you can enjoy a low-maintenance lip color that doesn’t require constant touch-ups with traditional cosmetic products like lipstick or lip liner. 

Lip Blush Amsterdam | PMU

Lip Blush Amsterdam

Enhance Your Lips with Semi-Permanent Makeup in Amsterdam: Get the Perfect Look Now!

We use a mechanical tattooing device to apply a shade of red, pink, peach, or nude to the skin of the lips, commonly referred to as lip blush. This technique creates a natural-looking effect. However, if you are prone to cold sores, it may not be suitable for you.

This semi-permanent makeup lasts between 1.5 to 3 years and can also be used to lighten, redden, or pinken dark lips.

If you’re interested in getting a lip blush treatment, be sure to consult with a real professional and experienced technician to ensure optimal results.

Wendy de Koning
Wendy de Koning
Super blij met het resultaat. Ik had nooit gedacht dat ik ook zulke mooie wenkbrauwen kon hebben! Behandeling verliep super, Kim neemt veel tijd om verwachtingen te bespreken en tussentijds te checken hoe het eindresultaat moet worden. Elke keer als ik nu in de spiegel kijk ben ik blij verrast!
Kristina Zdravkovska
Kristina Zdravkovska
Kim is a magician! She transformed my brows in the exact way that I wanted! They look so natural and full, I love them! The studio is clean, and lovely music was playing during the treatment 🙂 This is my studio to go to from now on for my brows. I highly recommend Kim's studio! You will not be disappointed!
Roxie Betts
Roxie Betts
Kim is the most incredible artist! Her skills in permanent makeup are undeniable. Her work is flawless. You won't be disappointed!!
Naomi Martín Hillen
Naomi Martín Hillen
My second retouch-appointment was on the 4th of December 2020. It seems to me, because of my experience, that Kim takes her job very seriously. I was very impressed by her attention to detail. She sent me a kit for testing allergies with her ink beforehand. She did a wonderful job when I came for the consult, she was very kind, made me feel heard, took whatever remarks I had very seriously and took the time to create the brows the way I wanted them. She explained the whole process very thoroughly so I knew what to expect before each step. I was planning on going back within a year to retouch them, as she said I should expect them to last 8-12 months. After 2+ years they are still looking amazing and I still get compliments and remarks about them. Only when I do very heavy makeup do I ever feel the need to do anything to them. Kim did a fantastic job and I would recommend her to anybody! Photo is my brows now, 25-02-2023!
Giorgia Ozzano
Giorgia Ozzano
Kim is an amazing artist! I’m very happy with the result!
Anette ten Berge
Anette ten Berge
Very happy with this salon! It’s clean and very professional. Kim helped me and she took the time to explain everything before she started. She did the hyperrealism brows on me and the result is amazing!
Dirk en Marjolein
Dirk en Marjolein
Very happy with my new eyebrows!! Kim is very professional and a real artist!!


Lip Blush €425 – A lip tint effect for a flush of your favourite colour.

Dark Lip Neutralisation €425 – Can be used to darken lighter lip skin, or lighten darker lip skin for an even tone.  May require a 3rd treatment which is chargeable at the 0-4 month colour boost price

Colour Boost €300 – Up to 24 month boost.

Colour Boost €350 – 24-48 month boost.


Lip Blush can make your lips appear larger and more symmetrical- though does not change the shape of your lips or work outside the border. The treatment is especially effective in clients with lip filler and those who have lost some pigmentation, especially around the border of the lip. Please note that this service does not create a lipstick effect – nor do we recommend the lipstick technique for those wanting the best long term results. 

If you have EVER in your life had a coldsore/herpes, you will need to take a course of antiviral tablets a week before & after both treatments to avoid a guaranteed outbreak if not taken.

Roxie will be your artist for this treatment.  You can read more about Roxie HERE.


Permanent Eyeliner


Lip Blush Amsterdam
Permanente Makeup
permanente makeup

More About Lip Blush

The process of using ink or pigment to create the appearance of typical cosmetics that do not require reapplication or removal from the skin is known as permanent makeup, or micro pigmentation. Permanent eyeliner, eyebrow liner, and lip blush are the most common types of permanent makeup.

With permanent makeup, you can feel and look your best without having to apply or touch up traditional cosmetics throughout the day. Nevertheless, although permanent makeup may fade somewhat over time, the risk of pigment residue lingering on the skin prevents it from being classified as semi-permanent makeup.

Permanent lip blush is wonderful as its long-lasting capabilities enable makeup wearers to forego the constant application of lipstick. 


How Easily Can Permanent Lip Blush Be Removed?

The notion of permanent cosmetic tattoos can be intimidating for many individuals, and it’s natural to wonder if permanent makeup can be easily removed. It’s crucial to consider permanent makeup as a long-term procedure, and it’s recommended that you are certain about the procedure before receiving any treatments. Choosing a skilled professional who specializes in these types of cosmetic procedures can also help alleviate any doubts you may have.

Cosmetic tattoo removal techniques differ based on the type of cosmetic tattoo and whether ink or pigment was used during the application. Although some methods, such as laser removal or pigment lightening creams, can remove or reduce the appearance of cosmetic tattoos, clients should view cosmetic tattoos as a relatively permanent procedure. Nowadays, pigment is typically used for cosmetic tattoos instead of traditional tattoo ink. As a result, traditional laser tattoo removal may not be the most effective removal method for these tattoos. If pigment is used instead of traditional tattoo ink, saline tattoo removal procedures may be used to minimize the appearance of the tattoo.

How Is Permanent Lip Blush Applied To The Face?

Trained professionals use an incredibly small needle to inject small quantities of pigment throughout the lips in permanent lip blush, which is a form of cosmetic tattooing. The lip blush is evenly distributed across the surface of the lips by creating small puncture holes.

How Long Will Lip Blush Last?

The typical lifespan of permanent lip blush is approximately 2 years before a touch-up is required. However, this duration can differ for individual clients depending on factors such as sun exposure or varying weather conditions, among other lifestyle factors.

Compared to other forms of permanent cosmetic makeup procedures, lip blush touch-ups may be required more frequently because the lips are used extensively in daily life. Due to their dynamic nature and frequent movement while eating, drinking, and speaking, permanent lip pigment may fade slightly more quickly than other types of permanent cosmetics.

What Are The Different Lip Blush Styles?

There are different options when it comes to applying lip blush. Some clients prefer an all-over color application for a bold and defined look, while others opt for an ombre effect, which involves placing more pigment around the outer edges of the lips and gradually fading towards the center. This technique creates a natural finish that accentuates the shape of the lips.

Typically, lip blushing is a technique that emphasizes a more subtle approach, where the pigment blends in with the natural color of the lips, resulting in a nourished and dewy appearance. This style is often used to neutralize darker lip pigmentation by highlighting pink tones, creating a balanced and fresh look throughout the day.

The application of permanent lip blush usually takes between 40 to 50 minutes, making it a quick process for long-lasting pigmentation. The recommended reapplication period for permanent lip blush is usually around 2 years, but this can vary depending on lifestyle factors such as sun exposure and weather conditions.

How Painful Is The Application Of Permanent Lip Blush?

The permanent lip blush tattoo application is notorious for being one of the more uncomfortable permanent cosmetic makeup procedures due to the sensitivity of the lips. However, there are methods to reduce the discomfort. Taking a non-blood thinning pain reliever prior to the procedure can help, and many professionals also offer numbing options to minimize discomfort during the process.

Who Should Get Permanent Lip Blush?

If you’re looking to achieve natural-looking and long-lasting lip color or wish to neutralize darker lip pigmentation, permanent lip blush can be a great solution that eliminates the need for regular lipstick application. While there may be some temporary side effects such as swelling, redness, and discomfort during the procedure, the benefits of permanent lip blush are significant. However, if you have any preexisting skin conditions that could potentially complicate the process, it’s always recommended to consult a physician before undergoing permanent lip blush.

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