The Hyperrealism Brows technique is a NEW highly specialised, advanced PMU technique available at a handful of clinics worldwide including Kim Loy Studios.

The perfect choice for those wanting very natural brows which are indistinguishable from the real thing. It’s also an excellent choice for those with little or no natural eyebrow hair, or anyone suffering from alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy.


Hyperrealism Brows €580 – Includes 6-10 week touch up.

Additional touch up €160 – Up to 6 months.  If a 3rd touch up is required due to difficult skin type.

12-24 month touch up €370 – Appropriate if the brows have faded by 50%.

25-36 month touch up €475 – Appropriate if the brows have faded by 80%


This treatment is suitable for all ages and all skin types, for anyone who desires a very natural looking fuller, fluffier brow.

This treatment is Kim Loy’s signature technique.  She is the only artist in Amsterdam offering this advanced treatment.  You can read more about Kim HERE.


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More about Hyperrealism Brows

The process of creating effortless yet beautiful makeup can be daunting at times. It may seem as though perfect-looking makeup requires copious amounts of time and practice. Oftentimes, one of the most frustrating aspects of applying makeup is penciling in your eyebrows. This process can be tiring and can result in uneven or overly bold eyebrows without a steady hand.

Hyperrealism brows are a NEW form of cosmetic tattooing that resembles very natural-looking brows. Originating from Russia, this highly specialised form of makeup is semi-permanent and can help take the stress and time out of your daily beauty routine. This procedure utilizes very precise and specialized tools and techniques in order to leave the client with gorgeous natural looking brows which are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

What Is The Technique Of Hyperrealism Brows?

This process is similar to other brow tattooing procedures however, it places a significant emphasis on extremely fine detailing in order to create brows that look extremely natural.

This form of permanent makeup is ideal for those that might lack significant eyebrow hair or are looking for a very natural form of cosmetic tattooing which does not resemble bold makeup.

This procedure creates very subtle and natural-looking brows and is not usually meant to fully replace the use of eyebrow cosmetics for most people. This procedure is often utilized by those that have hair conditions or have very pale eyebrows that are often difficult to see. If you are looking for a permanent cosmetic procedure that creates the appearance of fully penciled-in brows, then this procedure might not be the proper fit for your specific needs.

What Is The Process Of Hyperrealism Brows?

In order to attain Hyperrealism brows, the client must undergo a simple cosmetic tattooing procedure. While other eyebrow tattooing procedures focus on creating single hair strokes across the eyebrow region, this form of permanent cosmetics focuses on creating natural hair strokes in order to best mimic natural eyebrows. Rather than inking single hairs, artists who have mastered this technique work to connect hairlines and create movement and patterns within the brow region to best imitate natural brows. This technique is what creates such natural-looking brows following the treatment.

This style of eyebrow tattooing is generally less bold and defined than other forms, however, the results are the most natural.

An electric machine is utilized with this style of brow tattoo in order to obtain the most precise deposit of pigment throughout the brow region. If you prefer extremely natural makeup or have a skin/hair condition that impacts your eyebrow growth, a Hyperrealism brow treatment may be the perfect option.

After this procedure, it is important to allow up to 10 days of healing or recovery time. During this recovery time make sure to keep your brows dry and clean from any sweat or cosmetics. After the 10 day healing period has passed, you can return to your typical schedule.

How Are Hyperrealism Brows Different From Microblading And Powder Brows?

Hyperrealism brows focus on prioritizing natural-looking brows while microblading and powder brows focus more on defining the brows in a way that minimizes or eliminates the need to wear and apply traditional eyebrow cosmetics.

Microblading is done with a manual tool which cuts the skin to depost pigment.  The result is a defined and prominent brow whereas hyperrealism brows are created with an electronic fine point needle that deposits the pigment in dots causing much less trauma than Microblading.  

The best option for very natural-looking brows is hyperrealism treatments.

Who Can Benefit From Hyperrealism Brows?

People that suffer from specific health conditions that impact hair growth can benefit greatly from hyperrealism brow treatments. Those managing the symptoms of alopecia for example can utilize hyperrealism brow treatments in order to attain natural-looking eyebrows that can help them feel more confident in their appearance.

Some cancer patients undergo chemotherapy, which can also lead to hair loss. Hyperrealism brow treatments can also help to restore natural-looking brows for these individuals and help boost self-confidence. This treatment can help reduce the amount of time these individuals spend filling in their eyebrows and minimize the stress associated with this type of hair loss. 

How To Properly Care For Hyperrealism Brows

Hyperrealism brows are long-lasting and can often restore feelings of beauty and self-confidence. Due to the light technique of hyperrealism brows, this form of a cosmetic tattoo may fade slightly faster than other bolder forms of permanent cosmetics. The rate of fading will differ between each client due to personal habits and sun exposure, but most hyperreal brows last for up to 1-1.5 years before they would require a touch-up. It is extremely important to keep your skin moisturized and protected from the sun in order to prolong the life of these permanent cosmetics. If you are looking to subtly emphasize your brows or create natural-looking brows that you might be lacking, consider Hyperrealism brows.

This procedure is extremely effective at giving clients long-lasting brows that look like perfectly natural and beautiful brows.

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