STEP 1: Wash with provided soap and warm water

STEP 2: Dry after washing

STEP 3: Apply a tiny amount of provided balm


Further instructions

Avoid touching your brows after the treatment as we need to keep any bacteria away from them.

It’s important to keep the area clean to avoid infection, so use the provided soap twice a day for two weeks to gently cleanse the skin with soap and warm water. After washing, dry the area completely and apply a very small amount of the provided balm.  It’s important that you do not suffocate the skin with a thick layer of balm.

Apart from this quick wash morning and night, avoid other water as much as possible, so keep your face out of the shower when washing hair, and avoid swimming and saunas.

Keep all makeup and skin care cosmetics away from the brow area for 2 weeks.

Your brows may form dry skin and some scabbing.  It’s vital that you do not pick.  Allow the scabs to fall off naturally.

Important reminders

  • Apart from washing twice daily, keep the brows as dry as possible.
  • Avoid hot, sweaty exercise for 1 week.
  • Avoid long, hot showers for 1 week.
  • Avoid swimming and saunas for 2 weeks,
  • Use a fresh pillowcase while you sleep.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face.
  • No facials, botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • DO NOT rub, pick, or scratch the treated area.
  • Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate away. Picking can cause scarring or loss of color.


Healed brows

Around day 7-14 your brows should have completely healed. At this point the pigment may look very faint and some stokes may have disappeared.  If this happens don’t worry.  Give it time and the strokes will start to show again.


Typical Healing Process

Day 1: “Oh gosh this looks intense”

Day 2-4: “Oh no now it’s even darker!”

Day 5-7: “Hmm this is feeling very dry and itchy.”

Day 7-14: “Urgh it’s so patchy!”

Day 14-21: Erm where did the strokes go? They’ve fallen off!”

Day 28-42 “Aha it has returned, a little patchy and light but my retouch is coming up…”

Day 42: RETOUCH (full treatment to perfect your pigment)



Touch up appointments are OPTIONAL!

If after 4-10 weeks you are happy with your brows you do not need to come back for a touch up.

Scenarios where you may want a touch up 4-10 weeks later are:

  • You have oily skin and the healed result is lighter than you would like it to be.
  • You have sensitive skin and the healed result is lighter than you would like it to be.
  • In any case you decide you’d like it to be darker, thicker, fuller.

If the above is true then you’re welcome to book a touch up for no later than 10 weeks post the first treatment.  

The cost of the touch up is €150.