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True artists in permanent make up (PMU)

Do you need permanent makeup? At Kim Loy’s (PMU) Studios We Specialise In Permanent Make Up For Eyebrows, specifically Kim Loy’s Signature Hyperrealism Brow technique.  The only studio in Amsterdam offering this advanced Permanent Make Up technique.

(Formerly Microblading Amsterdam)


What Our Clients Say About Us…

Brecht van Ravenswaaij
Brecht van Ravenswaaij
Kim is echt een top artist. Zodra je haar ontmoet weet je dat je in goede handen bent. Van het resultaat had ik niet durven dromen, zo natuurlijk precies wat ik hoopte.
Anoek Hillen
Anoek Hillen
Voor mooie natuurlijke wenkbrauwen raad ik alle twijfelaars aan om een afspraak te maken bij Kim, ze bespreekt werkelijk elk detail en zorgt ervoor dat je je op je gemak voelt. Ik kwam op 15/05/2023 bij Kim, na een lange rit vanuit het oosten des lands. Mijn oudste dochter was ook al bij Kim geweest voor haar wenkbrauwen (haar review kun je lezen onder Naomi Martín Hillen). Toen Kim de lijntjes had gezet en mijn wenkbrauwen de getekende vorm had gegeven, werd ik al blij! Ze gaat erg secuur te werk en bespreekt net zo lang met je totdat jij tevreden bent. Mijn afspraak duurde ongeveer 2,5 uur en ik was echt verbluft over het resultaat. Prachtig Kim, wat je doet en ik verheug me op de retouch-afspraak. Foto’s zijn van 15/05/2023 en 16/05/23 (zal na de retouch-afspraak ook weer een review met foto’s plaatsen). Dank je wel Kim 👌🏼
Sophie Dalglish
Sophie Dalglish
Kim’s work is excellent, a shape that complements your natural brow shape and is perfectly proportioned and a work of art.
elena f
elena f
Kim did an excellent job on my eyebrows, they look so natural - I'm in awe! Definitely recommended.
U Cline
U Cline
Na lang twijfelen en veel salons op instagram te bekijken ben ik bij Kimloystudios uitgekomen. Het resultaat is echt bovenverwachting goed. Durfde niet zo goed permanente make-up te laten zetten. Ik ben echt ontzettend blij met het resultaat en ben heel vriendelijk geholpen. Kim neemt de tijd en neemt je stap voor stap door de hele behandeling. Ik ben zeer tevreden met het resultaat! Ik kan Kim zeker aanbevelen!
Gail Spanjaard
Gail Spanjaard
Zeer blij met het resultaat van de behandeling! Kim gaat zeer professioneel en geduldig te werk. Een echte aanrader!
Vanessa Newby
Vanessa Newby
Wow! My old lady, 90s brows were transformed into full, natural brows again! Kim's choice of colour and the thickness are amazing! I highly recommend Kim, she is professional and super good at her job! Her workspace is clean, and the procedure is hygienic. I could not be happier with the service and the end product!
Joanna Klencner
Joanna Klencner
Kim is amazing, very caring, super precised, I could not imagine better effect. Highly recommend!
Tina Varkevisser
Tina Varkevisser
I recently had the hyperrealism brow treatment with Kim, and could not be happier. Very pleased with the whole process and the end result which looks incredibly natural and realistic. Fantastic through and through - couldn't recommend Kim more.

Who is permanent make up (PMU) for?

Permanent makeup can be used by both men and women, and is often applied to areas such as eyebrows, eyes and lips. It gives you a natural look that lasts for years and helps you save time on your daily makeup routine. Whether you want to add definition to your facial features, or simply simplify your beauty routine, permanent makeup is an ideal solution for many.

Why Permanent Make Up?

Our permanent make up clinic | PMU is a cosmetic treatment that uses micro-pigmentation to apply natural-looking, long-lasting makeup to the face and body.

This procedure can be used to enhance your features, like applying eyeliner without pencil or shadow, adding subtle blush to your lips, or filling out your brows to make them look fuller and better shaped.

Permanent makeup can also be used to cover up imperfections, like injuries or scars.

There are many benefits of permanent makeup, on the surface, you can wake up and look great without having to do any makeup, but most importantly it can help you feel more confident in your appearance.

So come and have your Permanent Make Up in our PMU studio Amsterdam.  We’d love to have you.

permanent make up

Our PMU Certifications

The permanent make up professionals in the Netherlands | Our experienced Permanent make up artists will help you achieve your desired look, restore your confidence, and save you time with our selection of permanent make up solutions. We work according to maximum safety regulations and have all the top licenses and certifications possible for PMU.

* GGD Licence holder for Semi-permanent makeup
* Certified GOLD Microblading Artist with Beauty Angels Academy
Microblading course accredited by the Association of Beauty Therapists UK
Completed Tattoo Infection Control Level 2 (VTQ) Training
Master Trainer with Beauty Angels Academy
Hyper Realism Masterclass with ID Liner
W-Brow with Nataliya Yeremenko Academy
Masters Hands with Nataliya Yeremenko Academy
Tattoo Removal with Girlz Ink Training
Powder Brows with Beauty Angels Academy

Permanent Make Up Treatments

Different types of permanent make up we provide at Kim Loy’s PMU studio | Microblading is perfect for creating natural-looking eyebrows with realistic hair-like strokes. Lip blush (full lips) can give your lips a beautiful pink stain that lasts for months unlike regular makeup. Powder brows provide a more subtle, powdery finish than microblading, and permanent eyeliner gives you an effortless look without the hassle of applying every day. For those who want an ultra-realistic look, hyper-realistic brows are the way to go; this technique uses digital tools to create incredibly realistic results that mimic natural hairs. Whichever option you choose, permanent makeup allows you to look your best with minimal effort!

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The PMU Team

permanent makeup amsterdam


Master Permanent Makeup Amsterdam Artist & Trainer

Specialist in: Hyperrealistic Eyebrows

Read more about Kim here.

permanent makeup amsterdam


Master Permanent Makeup Amsterdam Artist & Trainer

Specialist in: Lip Blush & Eyeliner

Read more about Roxie here.


How long does permanent make up last?

The average lifespan of permanent make up can vary depending on the type and skin type used, but usually lasts 1-3 years.

The lifespan of permanent make up can be affected by several factors, including:
1) Skin type – Oily skin tends to absorb pigment more slowly than dry skin, which can cause pigment to fade more quickly.
2) Sun/UV exposure – Prolonged sun exposure without SPF protection can cause pigment to fade faster in some cases
3) Product quality – Certain brands use less resistant pigments or formulas that do not adhere as well; these need to be touched up more often for optimal results
4) Application Process – An experienced and certified technician will apply the pigments so that they will last longer, while people who go with inexperienced technicians may not get such longevity out of their permanent makeup.
5) Aftercare Routine – Proper aftercare and avoiding violently scrubbing your face, picking at your skin and overexposure to the sun are all important components to avoid unnecessary fading when it comes to permanent makeup services.

With proper care, the results last significantly longer than regular makeup because it is formulated in your own natural shade, so there is no smudging or bleeding because it is waterproof, whereas regular cosmetics have an expiration date and come off easily with sweat or contact with water. This makes it an ideal choice for busy women looking for a long-lasting yet low-maintenance beauty routine and who want effortless glamour without having to worry about constantly reapplying a layer throughout the day!

Can permanent make up fail?

Yes, it can fail! Improper techniques by an inexperienced technician can lead to unevenly applied pigment, color stains on the skin and other visible flaws. If permanent makeup is not applied properly, it often looks fake and unnatural; this can be embarrassing for the wearer and difficult or even impossible to reverse. To avoid these types of results, it is best to seek experienced technicians who understand how pigmentation works with your specific skin tone.

Another problem with permanent make up is that the effects don’t last forever; over time, the ink fades because our bodies shed dead skin cells every month. The degree of fading also depends on exactly where your permanent make up was applied: areas that have been exposed to sunlight more often fade faster than others, because ultraviolet radiation breaks down the pigments over time. In addition, aging affects everyone differently; as we age, our faces can change naturally, so previously perfect-looking eyebrows or lip lines become less attractive when still present because their shape no longer matches their new surroundings (e.g., frown lines deepening).

What is the difference between permanent make up and tattooing?

Permanent make up and tattooing both involve the use of needles to inject pigment into the skin, but there are some key differences between the two:

  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of permanent makeup is to enhance natural features, such as eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color, whereas tattooing is primarily used for decorative or symbolic purposes.

  2. Technique: The technique used for permanent makeup is more delicate and precise than that used for tattooing. The needles used for permanent makeup are typically finer and the pigment is injected into the upper layer of the skin, whereas tattooing involves deeper penetration of the skin.

  3. Pigment: The pigment used for permanent makeup is formulated differently than that used for tattooing. Permanent makeup pigments are designed to fade over time, whereas tattoo pigments are designed to last indefinitely and may contain a mix of organic and inorganic ingredients.

  4. Location: Permanent makeup is typically applied to areas of the face, whereas tattoos can be applied to any part of the body.

Overall, while both permanent makeup and tattooing involve the injection of pigment into the skin, they serve different purposes and use different techniques and materials. It’s important to choose a skilled and experienced artist who specializes in the type of service you’re seeking.

What to do when eyebrows become thinner or irregular in shape?

Thinning or irregular eyebrows can be a sign of aging, but can also be caused by various medical conditions. Fortunately, there are ways to combat this problem. Permanent makeup is an option that helps restore the natural shape and pigmentation of the eyebrows. In this form of cosmetic tattooing, a specialized device is used to implant pigment into the layer of skin. The results are semi-permanent and last for several years before needing to be updated. Another option is microblading, which does not come recommended, where small needles are used to insert natural-looking hairs into the eyebrows. Both procedures offer a more permanent solution than traditional cosmetics and provide fuller, thicker-looking eyebrows that last longer.

What are the disadvantages of permanent makeup?

Permanent make up can be a great way to enhance the appearance of your face and body with minimal effort, but it is important to remember that there are drawbacks to applying permanent makeup.

One of the main disadvantages of permanent make up is that the procedure can be painful and not suitable for every skin type. This is especially true with Microblading! Although some people claim that it is painless, most people find that they have to use numbing creams or agents to make the process more comfortable. By the way, we do not experience this with our other treatments then microblading!

Moreover, there is also a risk of discoloration if it is not done properly. That is why it is really important to have it done by a specialist like Kim Loy. If not applied properly, it can also lead to an uneven appearance or even infections. Finally, permanent makeup, although it sounds like an easy fix, can still require regular touch-ups to maintain the desired look. So multiple treatments may be required.

In our studio, however, we are more often told that it stays on longer than expected!

How long does permanent make up take to apply?

Permanent makeup can seem like an intimidating option to many, especially when it comes to the time required. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend days of your life doing it – in fact, the process only takes a few hours! It’s cosmetic tattooing without the drawbacks of a real tattoo. Depending on the specific type of permanent makeup you choose (such as eyebrow shading or lip tinting), and the level of customization desired, you can usually expect to spend up to 1-2 hours at your appointment. However, the first appointment is far from the end – usually, after you’ve had permanent makeup applied, you’ll need regular touch-ups to keep your look long-lasting.

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